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We offer outsourced secretariat services to Companies, Charities, and societies enabling you to give maximum support to the Officers of the business including:

  • Digital Media Audit, Strategy and Planning
  • Company Communications and Strategy
  • CRM and MMS
  • Digitisation of Systems


We deliver training and workshops to help you craft your digital strategy. We create workable and realistic plans to help you communicate effectively, generate the outcome you want.

  • Digital Marketing, and Social Media
  • Presentation Skills
  • Equality, Diversity, and inclusion
  • Raising Charitable Funds

Digital Marketing

Adjusting to the new Digital

The COVID-19 lockdown has brought many challenges to the City, the livery companies and the wider city organisations. Of primary concern has been the safety of members and staff whilst continuing to meet objectives, many of which are focused on meeting...

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I have worked with Eileen as part of the project team of the ‘Connecting Women in Technology’ initiative.  Eileen is unique!!! She is passionate, confident, technically competent and fun to work with.  She is passionate about technology with huge expertise on unified comms, online digital marketing, and social networking.  She is a powerful speaker, mastering how to keep the audience engaged and drawing their attention.  She is in fact a techy who can certainly talk!! She is inspiring which causes a snowball effect in people around her, bringing out the best of them.  She is a natural leader and proof of it is her CWT initiative which is connecting hundreds of people together, empowering them to be better leaders, better professionals and human beings.  I will certainly jump at the opportunity to be able to work with her as a peer, client or business partner.

Adela Martinez  –  Business Development in a Technology Company

Eileen is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Her deep knowledge of social media platforms; her passion for technology and her commitment to promoting women in the IT industry are unparalleled. Eileen’s enthusiasm and professionalism bring a breath of fresh air to Intellect’s Women in IT Forum. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Theodora Kalessi  – Programme Executive, Intellect

Eileen is a very knowledgeable and encouraging consultant, you know you are in good hands when you are spending time with her. Eileen goes beyond her call of duty and genuinely wants to see people succeed, she is personable and interested to hear about your plans for the future.

Kim Christofi – Managing Director, House of Eliot

Having worked with Eileen for the first time and having absolutely no understanding of social media I have been very impressed and informed. She worked diligently and professionally with the other consultants to create a qualification in Social Media for Business that City & Guilds is proud of and the first accredited qualification in this area. We look forward to working with her again in the future.

Kerry McLennan-McKenzie – Portfolio Manager, City & Guilds

Eileen is the epitome of someone living and breathing their core values – she is extremely passionate about networking and creating an environment where women in technology can meet with other like-minded people and share best practices.

Natalie Scott – Senior Manager, Acumin

I loved working with Eileen as she always helped me see things from a slightly different viewpoint. She is one of those rare tech-savvy people who can see past the technology and recognises the human impact; this one of the many reasons Eileen understands Social Media probably better than anyone else I know. If you’re looking for someone who just ‘gets it’ you don’t really have to look any further than Eileen.

Tony Cocks – Channel Development Manager: Unified Communications, Microsoft

Eileen is a leader who integrates people through her strong vision and bags of positive energy. She is a very charismatic and engaging speaker with a rich and varied background. I can truly say, she touches peoples lives.

Irene Tichy – Gender Diversity Leader, IBM UK

I would never have believed I could have such truly open and collaborative conversations with companies we compete with so heavily in other product and technology sectors. Connecting Women in Technology somehow very successfully transcends that. It’s a privilege to be associated with Eileen and CWT as a result

Sarah Speake – Industry Director, Technology, Google UK

Amastra ran an interesting and empowering social media workshop for Whizz Education. The challenge was to run it effectively for our staff in the UK office, whilst keeping overseas staff and partners engaged via Webex. Judging by the overall enthusiasm and follow-through, I am certain that we will see resonance and thus results in the long term.

Madeleine White – Head of Marketing, Whizz Education

Eileen is passionate about technology and how it can be used to change the way we live and work. She is an inspiring role model and a great example of how to succeed in technology through unconventional channels. She is hard-working, has a great network and a lot of fun.

Rebecca George – OBE, Partner, Deloitte

Eileen did three workshops for us on ‘Building Your On-Line Brand’; addressing all the key points whilst tailoring it to our diverse audience. She gave practical advice, which is easy to implement and created a ‘top tips’ giveaway card for us. She is an excellent presenter, full of enthusiasm and an expert in her subject matter.

Vice President – Investment Bank in London

Eileen was a key figure in delivering a recent Microsoft Partner Architect Council Meeting. This is a very important group of strategic IT architects from Microsoft’s GSI Partners. Eileen and her team were on point to shape the content, format and were instrumental in delivery and facilitation of a two-day workshop. Feedback from the council was of the highest level and the subsequent delivery of a workshop report was also of the highest quality.

Matt Deacon – Chief Architectural Advisor, Microsoft UK

I hired Amastra because Eileen is extremely well known throughout the Microsoft community in Europe as an expert in audience marketing, community, social networking and infrastructure technologies. Her vision & strategy helped us architect the appropriate educational material for TechEd Europe which is Microsoft’s largest education conference. Eileen managed not only the strategy but the entire content team that included 300+ speakers, vendors and partners. Her leadership and ability to execute resulted in a sold-out conference with the highest satisfaction rating by attendees. It was a job extremely well done. Eileen remains on the cutting edge of social media strategy that when implemented returns a measurable ROI. I would highly recommend Amastra’s services to anyone or business who wants to deepen their customer interactions through powerful word of mouth marketing strategies that they can provide.

– Director of Global Events and Tech.Ed Brand Steward, Microsoft

Eileen is a digital media guru and has worked with these technologies and tools for many years – she shares her experience generously and we’ve only had positive feedback on the social media training courses that she’s run for us. Attendees enjoy her presentation style, say she is engaging and that her content is useful and interesting and they’re always pleased that they invested their time with her.

Maggie Berry – Managing Director,

Eileen’s pragmatic approach took our cross-functional group quickly through the “what is it?” stage and straight into the heart of “so how do we work with it, and where will it lead us?” in a way that was entertaining, educating, challenging and completely engaging. They all left with a new perspective on social media, and bags of energy around the opportunities it presents

Jane Gilmour – Chief Technology Officer at a Financial Services unit of a Corporation

I first met Eileen when she came and spoke at our Girl Geek Scotland Aberdeen event. She did a keynote presentation and the time flew by, packed with insightful stories, interaction and. Her relaxed approachable style quickly engaged the audience and encouraged them to feel at ease and participate. The quality of the Q and A was testament to how deeply her talk resonated with the audience. Eileen is very personable, highly engaging and a consummate professional. I would have no hesitation in using her as a speaker again. If you get the opportunity to book her, it’s one decision you really won’t regret or speaker you won’t forget!

Sheryl Newman – Director, Appetite for Learning

What Eileen Brown doesn’t know about social media probably isn’t worth knowing. I’ve seen her host a successful workshop for female entrepreneurs. She has also conducted an audit of available channels at Ernst & Young making recommendations to our communications team on how we can better link our networks across 90 countries that make up EMEIA. She makes the topic accessible for people who are not naturally savvy around technology. She is pragmatic, thorough and commercial. I look forward to working with her again.

Fleur Bothwick – Director of Diversity and Inclusiveness – EMEIA, Ernst & Young

I engaged Amastra to undertake some strategic social media planning work for Bing. Given Eileen’s track record in social media and influencer marketing, she was a natural choice to help us accelerate our efforts in the UK. She was an inspiration to the team! Eileen provided deep analysis on our fan base and current market perceptions. This work highlighted several challenges, misperceptions as well as opportunities to engage more deeply with our Bing audience. She worked closely with the PR and marketing teams to educate and develop an awareness of the different tools and techniques available. Following this, she created a prioritised action plan which meant the team could hit the ground running with minimal resource disruptions but achieving maximum results. I would definitely recommend Eileen to any business in need of solid grounding to kick start their social media and influencer marketing plans.

Marie Thirlwall – Senior Product Manager – Bing, Microsoft

When Microsoft wanted to create a social media enablement programme for our Partners, we turned to Amastra to help us. We wanted someone who had significant real-world expertise not just in Business to Consumer, but more importantly for this programme, in Business to Business. Eileen’s experience and knowledge in the market meant that she could easily adapt across the audience knowledge levels to deliver workshops that were relevant and exciting for all our Partners.

Gareth Reynolds – Partner Readiness & Enablement Manager, Microsoft

Eileen is an inspirational and passionate leader. I’ve worked with her for over 3 years on multiple virtual projects, and she always motivates me to want to get involved and do more! She is a great presenter who engages her audience with her infectious enthusiasm. Incredibly humble she often seems unaware of her impact and the value she brings to every interaction. She is honest, helpful, bold, and sensitive. She focuses on what can be not what has been and creates a future unbound by the past.

Nikki Walker – Inclusion and Diversity Director, Cisco

I had heard of Eileen’s excellent work at Microsoft in conjunction with Women in IT and had recommended some of my female customers in IT to join the networking group Eileen managed. More recently attended one of her Social Media courses. The course was absolutely fantastic and showcased many of Eileen’s strengths: a TRUE subject matter expert on Social Media, her stories from hard-earned experience at Microsoft on leading Social Media for the world’s largest software company and most importantly on the course itself: her ability to teach students and business people at all levels of understanding the importance and absolute relevance of Social Media to their own business today, and she always motivates me to want to get involved and do more! She is a great presenter who engages her audience with her infectious enthusiasm. Incredibly humble she often seems unaware of her impact and the value she brings to every interaction. She is honest, helpful, bold, and sensitive. She focuses on what can be not what has been and creates a future unbound by the past.

James Clifford – Marketing Cloud Coach, Salesforce Radian6

Eileen delivered a Smarter Networking on Line workshop. Attendees commented on how valuable the session was and a great investment of their time. Thanks to Eileen for showing us how to be more effective online.

Fiona Barnes – Organizational Effectiveness & Development Manager, HP Software

Eileen’s depth of knowledge means that she is able to explain everything with real-life examples that makes the world of social media easy to understand. The sharing of her knowledge helps to embed what you are doing and why you are doing it into your strategy, as well as simple tips to make the whole process manageable. After the course with Eileen, I was able to apply simple techniques to my website and my social media interaction and also to make informed decisions as this area of the business grows. I came away from the course understanding far more than just social media and the internet, but its role in my business and its future growth.

Dayle Bayliss – Construction Consultant,

Thank you, Eileen, for the superb work you did for us on our ‘Kent Reimagined’ conference. Given the outstanding feedback received from those attending, we would not hesitate to engage the services of Amastra again! Right from the outset, it was clear that we were working with a very experienced and safe pair of hands. We really valued your insight, the extremely professional way you chaired the event and your real expertise on social media. I also really appreciated your collaborative style of working with the team. Thanks again!

Elizabeth Harrison – Economic Development Manager, Economic Development, Kent County Council