Why Amastra?

We wanted a company name which represents what we stand for: Inspiration, integrity, courage, self-belief, passion and drive. Eileen came up with her idea. Here’s her story.

“I started my working career by joining the Merchant Navy as a Deck Cadet working for Shell Tankers. At the time, Shell hadn’t employed females at sea and were breaking new ground by offering me a cadetship.

My training lasted 4 years, combining shore based theory work with time at sea gaining practical knowledge of ship operations. I sailed on oil tankers: Ultra Large Crude Carriers (ULCC’s), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) tankers, product tankers and Oil / Bulk / Ore vessels (OBO’s) carrying petrol, diesel, benzene, lubrication oils and vegetable oils.

I trained at Cardiff College of Nautical Science, completing my Officer exams and returned to sea to complete my sea time. The ship I was assigned to was the Amastra.

The Amastra, the second Shell Tanker of that name, was built in 1958 in Smiths dock, Teesside UK (the first Amastra having been built in 1935). She carried lubricating oil, fuel oil and molasses with each tank on board often having a different parcel of cargo. The Amastra had a long history including being holed by a mine in 1967, and spending weeks in dry-dock for maintenance and repair work. She was scrapped in Chittagong, India in 1985.

I sailed on the Amastra for 7 months, finishing my cadetship and becoming 3rd Officer. I took the watch on the bridge, and held the cargo watch whilst the vessel was in port. Shell Tankers had the courage to employ their first girl Deck Cadet. The training I received gave me the strength and self belief to succeed as an Officer.

Amastra gave me the confidence to believe that anything is possible if you believe in yourself enough…”

What people say about us

“I engaged Amastra to undertake some strategic social media planning work for Bing. Given Eileen’s track record in social media and influencer marketing, she was a natural choice to help us accelerate our efforts in the UK. She was an inspiration to the team! Eileen provided deep analysis on our fan base and current market perceptions. This work highlighted several challenges, misperceptions as well as opportunities to engage more deeply with our Bing audience. She worked closely with the PR and marketing teams to educate and develop awareness of the different tools and techniques available. Following this, she created a prioritised action plan which meant the team could hit the ground running with minimal resource disruptions but achieving maximum results. I would definitely recommend Eileen to any business in need of solid grounding to kick start their social media and influencer marketing plans.” Marie Thirlwall

Senior Product Manager, Bing, Microsoft

“Eileen’s depth of knowledge means that she is able to explain everything with real life examples that makes the world of social media easy to understand. The sharing of her knowledge helps to embed what you are doing and why you are doing it into your strategy, as well as simple tips to make the whole process manageable. After the course with Eileen I was able to apply simple techniques to my website and my social media interaction and also to make informed decisions as this area of the business grows. I came away from the course understanding far more than just social media and the internet, but its role in my business and its future growth.” Dayle Bayliss

Construction Consultant, DayleBayliss.co.uk

“Eileen is passionate about technology and how it can be used to change the way we live and work. She is an inspiring role model and a great example of how to succeed in technology through unconventional channels. She is hard working, has a great network and a lot of fun.”

Rebecca George OBE

Partner, Deloitte