Our Services

Social Media Consultancy Services

We will work with you to ensure that you get the digital marketing objectives that are right for you and the business. We can help you with many aspects of your social media outreach program including:

  • Digital Media Audit, Strategy and Planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Digital Crisis management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Influencers, Branding, and Buzz Generation

Social Networking Workshops

We deliver training and workshops to help you craft your social media and digital marketing strategy. We craft a workable and realistic plan to help you engage your audience and convert leads into sales. Contact us  to find out about our bespoke workshop for your team.
  • Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Online Branding for leaders
  • Influencers and crowds
  • Social business crisis planning
  • Presentation skills

Energise your social media strategy

  • Inbound marketing programs to generate business leads
  • Strategic workshops, and programs for B2B and B2C
  • Influencer, reach and advocacy programs.
  • Customer satisfaction and perception strategy
  • Digital crisis management.

Create your social business

  • Democratise organisational boundaries and hierarchies
  • Seamless collaboration and workflow
  • Empower your workforce
  • Utilise knowledge capital for strategic advantage

Inspirational speaking and presenting

  • Enable teams to deliver dynamic presentations, pitches, bids and keynotes
  • Create assured, engaging, and compelling presentations.

Social networking tools for success

  • Equip teams with tools to elevate their online brand
  • Collaboration and career advancement with social media brand strategies