Amastra’s Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy sets out how Amastra will minimise its impact on the environment..

We are committed to maintaining and improving our environmental performance and action is already taking place in a number of areas:

  • We are taking action to reduce our carbon emissions through travelling on public transport wherever practical.
  • We have implemented green procedures for staff to address sustainability and to minimise our environmental impact both locally and globally.
  • We are taking steps to reduce the impacts of climate change and any resulting from our activities.
  • We will minimise our production of waste and increase reuse, composting and recycling.
  •  We make every effort to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases and, where possible, enhance the quality, extent and accessibility of Amastra’s natural environment..
  •  We will adopt energy and water-saving measures wherever possible in our building and reduce the fuel used by vehicles on Amastra business.
  • We will use materials such as paper efficiently and specify goods that, wherever possible, have a minimal environmental impact in the extraction or sourcing of materials, manufacture, use and disposal.
  •  We will manage our impact and monitor compliance with this Policy through our internal processes to, fulfil our environmental responsibilities.

 This Policy was implemented the Executive team in September 2009 and will be reviewed every six months. We will continually monitor and improve its environmental performance and comply with relevant legislation, policies and codes of practice.

We communicate this policy to all our staff and contractors and we expect their full involvement to adopt and implement the principles contained within this policy .