Connecting Women in Technology

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Sometimes, even when we’re surrounded by our colleagues in IT,  we can feel quite isolated in the workplace. Wherever we work, our challenges are quite similar.  Recognising this, Avaya, Cisco, Dell, Google, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft have collaborated to host events for our women’s groups.

We have named this initiative “Connecting Women in Technology”. Twice a year, we  get together for an afternoon of presentations, inspiration and networking, with colleagues from the IT industry.

Connecting Women in Technology is about communication: within companies like our women’s networking group, across companies, across boundaries, and across geographies.

We hope that this initiative can celebrate the great practices in our companies. We hope to give you a chance to be inspired and empowered by role models. We want to give you an opportunity to network with other women with in similar careers who you normally would not meet.

If you would like to create your own ‘Connecting Women in…’ network and would like advice on how we set up and successfully manage our cross industry Connecting Women in Technology, get in touch on +44 7764 359 905 or enail me at:


How it all started… 

CWT sponsor the 2011 everywoman Women in Technology Awards

Inaugural Connecting Women in Technology Awards – March 22nd 2011

Resources for Women in Technology: Click here for local groups in your region

Connecting Women in Technology Project team

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