Frequently asked questions

Q: What can social media do to help expand my business?

Social media is evolving rapidly and smart companies are using social tools and techniques to interact with their customers in a more effective way. Taking advantage of this network is a great way to re-energise your business, engage more closely with your community and get better customer satisfaction.

Q: What social media services do you offer?

We offer consultancy, one to one strategic guidance, social business and social media workshops to help you define your social networking strategy and create your social media plan. We offer strategies to work with your influencers and advocates. We can implement your social media plan for you and with community management, maintain your online activities on an ongoing basis.

Q: What Offline Social Connection workshops do you offer?

Presentation skills, Compelling conversations, Influencing skills, Confidence through NLP, Team collaboration, Effective negotiation.

Q: How long does your mentoring program last?

Every mentoring and coaching program is different. We work to customise sessions and length of coaching program based on individual needs. We offer a mix of face to face, telephone and email support over a structured amount of time to get the best possible results.

Q: How can I improve my communication skills?

We will work with you on how you should prepare for a presentation, the key points to ensure effective delivery and learning, how to present information clearly so that it has an impact on your audience, give you tips on how to appear confident capable and in control for every delivery. We work with teams to ensure that every conversation or sales pitch is powerful, effective and improves satisfaction with your customers.

Q: How can I create effective teams that work well together?

Many managers hire teams with similar characteristics to themselves, and create workgroups that don’t have the required mix of skills to effectively complete projects. Understanding team dynamics will improve team communication, provide more effective feedback and complete projects more efficiently.

Q: I want to run an event with everything organised for me – including speakers and evening entertainment. Where do I start?

Talk to the logistics team at Amastra who will organise the event experience from start to finish including registration, organisation, event flow catering, and evening entertainment, reducing the stress of organising an event and allow you to focus on engaging your customers