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You do not need to capture videos to upload onto YouTube. You can make great videos using YouTube’s slideshow tool. It is really easy to do too.

The YouTube upload button gives you four options: Capture a video with your webcam, create a photo slideshow, broadcast a Google+ Hangout, or edit a video.

Eileen Brown Amastra

After uploading the images you have the option to rearrange them into a logical flow or story .

Eileen Brown YouTube slideshow Amastra

You can then add appropriate music to go with your video slideshow, select how long you want each slide to display, which transition you would like and whether you want to pan across the images and zoom.

How to create YouTube slideshow videos from your images Amastra Eileen Brown

Click upload, give your slideshow a title and description – and voila! You can see the finished result of uploading my images on the Amastra at Whistler slideshow on my YouTube channel.

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