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Working the Crowd

Social Media Marketing for Business by Eileen Brown Available on Amazon and from the BCS.

Social Media Strategy, Social Networking, Online Branding

Social Media basics
Slide deck to get you started with social media terms

The Power of personal branding
A good introduction into why your online brand is important

The Social Media revolution
Video showing why social media is changing the way we do business

Social Media in plain English
An introduction to social media

Shift happens
Video showing Globalisation and the Information Age

The machine is using us
Web 2.0 and its effects on us

Selection of white papers and articles
I’ve written.

Powerful Presentations

Managing fear
Coping with and conquering fear in presentations.

PowerPoint tutorials
Video tutorials to help you with your PowerPoint presentations.

5 Ways to conquer stage fright
If you’re nervous before you go on stage, try these tips to help you relax

Women in Technology