I am pleased to announce and invite you to attend our next Digital City Team online event on March 25th 2021: Tips and Tricks of Digital Membership Engagement  

Are you making any of the common mistakes with digital engagement? 

Digital technology has transformed the world around us at an incredibly accelerated rate over the past year. Many organisations have rushed into digital engagement without researching their audience, objectives and expected outputs. The result can be a very steep learning curve and a certain amount of pain. 

How can your company/organisation improve the way it uses digital technology to reach its members?  

Where do you start?   

What are the best ways of using online video technologies?   

We are the Digital City Team and we enable Livery Companies, Ward Clubs, Guilds, Membership organisations and charities to digitise. We are an experienced, digitally skilled team who are Livery and Ward Club members and charity trustees and who, as a result, understand your requirements and sensitivities, especially in the not-for-profit environment.  

In this free webinar you will see real results: 

  • Learn how to avoid the 4 common mistakes made with digital engagement 
  • Learn the benefits of digitisation for your membership 
  • Understand the impact of digital inclusion for your members 
  •  Learn different ways to add value to members of your organisation 
  •  Learn how and where to start with your online events 
  • Learn the best technologies to use  
  • The economies of digital engagement 
  •  Tips and tricks to get the most out of online and hybrid events 
  •  Learn how other City organisations have taken advantage of new online technologies 
  •  Network with others to inspire digital progress 

Date: March 25th 2021 

Attendees: Clerks or Secretaries 

Timing: 4pm-5pm followed by 30 minutes of online networking 

RSVP for webinar attendance link 

I do hope you will join us for the tips and tricks of digital membership engagement. It will be a fascinating insight into the advances that online digitisation can bring to your organisation and improve the engagement of your members.