Twitter has mapped the world of Tweets and displayed images on its blog and its Flickr page. This image of Europe is amazing. Towns, villages and roads perform a network of Tweet density.

Each tweet made with a geotag was captured and used to make the map. Even tweets from ferry routes can be seen detailing the popular routes cross Channel, Irish, Mediterranean and Baltic seas.

The map of Seattle is also fascinating:


The horizontal lines joining the west and east side are the bridges across lake Washington. The northern line is the 520 bridge, famed for its slow traffic, hold-ups and delays.Obviously a perfect place to Tweet

The High density of Tweets on the Eastside isn’t Redmond, but Bellevue. Redmond is the larger area north west of Bellevue with a lesser density of tweets.

Have a look at some of the other cities on Twitter’s Flickr page and the Twitter blog

Images: Twitter blog

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