Twitter has rolled out the ability to see a deeper level of interaction and analytics for your Twitter stream. Not only for brands, anyone can now see what is happening with their Twitter account.

If you are curious about the activity on your Twitter feed and wonder why your follower count fluctuates regularly, you can see graphically what is happening with your followers.


The information has been quietly rolled out by Twitter is well hidden for users not familiar with Twitters Ad Manager.  Users need to sign in to Ad Manager at and select the Analytics tab in the tool.

In this tab you can see your mentions, followers and unfollowers and match the increase or decrease in followers to blog posts and tweets. Often users will follow you in the hope of you following them back. They then unfollow you again after their follower count has increased.

You can see the tweets which have received the most faves, retweets, replies and clicks. Tweets with extra reach are highlighted in the list.


The tool also shows locations of your followers, interests and locations of your followers. It also shows the gender split of your followers and your mutual followers.


Conversion tracking enables you to measure your return on investment by tracking the actions a user takes after viewing or engaging with your ads on Twitter. Twitter’s conversion tracking lets you attribute conversions beyond last URL-click, to include actions driven by all types of ad engagements (like clicks, retweets, or favorites) and impressions.

You should set up conversion tracking on your website if your want to analyze, compare, and optimize your direct response campaigns on Twitter.

Go to Conversion tracking tab in Twitter Ads to  generate the code snippet for your conversion tags.  You need to place the conversion tag on your website where it will begin measuring conversions from Twitter users.

You can specify a time window after a campaign runs to determine what happens after a user has engaged with your ad and discover whether users have seen your promoted content, did not click on it – but later visited your web site

A nice tool – and worth a look…

Eileen Brown is a social media strategist and consultant at Amastra, a columnist at ZDNet and author of Working The Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business. Connect with Eileen on Twitter and or contact her to find out how she can elevate your brand and help your business become more social.